Slovenia SexSuit&Spa - Validation Party

Ovo je službeni validacijski Event Ova je značajka dostupna samo parovima i samcima

Svi SpicyMatch članovi koji prisustvuju ovom eventu će dobiti našu Službena validacija. Molimo zatražite validaciju profila od osoblja na ulazu ovog eventa. Svakako im dajte točan naziv profila


QUICK INFO: a weekend near Ljubljana, Slovenia / 13 - 15 September / villa with spa center / 5 playbeds + orgy room and party hall / dinner and open bar / maximum of 40 couples

Finally, Margarita Pleasures lands also in Slovenia, presenting an erotic weekend with lots of fun, sex, relax and fun! The event will happen in a villa offering all the space you want, a private spa center, elegant and stylish guests, open bar an away from everyday stress. ? That's what we are talking about the our event fort his September, Slovenia Sex Suit and Spa!

The venue is a villa retreat about 45 minutes away from the center of Ljubljana and from its airport. It has a huge open space on the ground floor where to mingle, flirt, party (and play together), a gallery on the first floor where there will be three set-up playbeds, a top playroom with two additional playbeds and a big spa center as an orgy playroom, plus a green area around it where your fantasy can go wild… with the full moon on the calendar, it will be a magical weekend!

It is a weekend event, but you can also participate on Friday or Saturday only. A maximum of four couples and two hot singles can be accommodated at the villa (so hurry up with bookings), while others can stay either at the hotels in the area or Ljubljana proper.

♥ This in a couples only event, but up to four hot single men and women can join, too. ;)

♥ If you want to secure your place, book until July 31st and get an Early Bird Discount.

♥ To sum up, what's included:

  • accommodation (optional);
  • full dinner buffet (optional);
  • fruit and snacks buffet;
  • unlimited drinks (open bar);
  • games;
  • freebies.

♥ Dress codes:

During the day
: sexy lingerie or sexy casual attire.
Friday evening
: red dress for women, black suit with colorful shirt and tie for men.
Saturday evening: white dress for women, black suit with white shirt and black tie for men. At midnight girls are invited to change into elegant white lingerie or sexy black BDSM costumes to receive or give some lessons..! ?

♥ Events starting: guests welcome since 17:00, dinner buffet will be served from 19:00, latest arrival at 22:00.

♥ Location: villa about 45 minutes East of Ljubljana. To preserve discretion, as always, the exact location of the mansion will be communicated 24 hours before to confirmed participants only.

♥ Participation contribution per couple/single man until 31th July 2019 (Early Bird discount)

  • whole weekend without accommodation: 160€;
  • Friday or Saturday party: 95€;
  • full buffet dinner per person: 19€;
  • private room in the villa for two nights (all weekend): 190€.

♥ Participation contribution per couple/single man from 1st August 2019

  • whole weekend without accommodation: 220€;
  • Friday or Saturday party: 115€;
  • full buffet dinner per person: 19€;
  • villa accommodation for two nights (all weekend): 220€.

Single women (unicorns) have a 50% discount on the party fee.

Do you need info on nearby hotel accommodation and location? Contact us or copy this link to your browser:


The organiser reserves the right to cancel the event upon providing a full refund.

Full info with location, dress code, programme and guest list is disclosed only to our members and confirmed participants. If you are not yet in and would like to become a member and thus be informed about all our events, write us through the contact form, through our partner websites or through Whatsapp/Viber: +1.516.577.0507.



Vrsta Kategorija Dostupnost Cijena
Couple 1 Night - Early Bird Discount Razno Dostupnost Rasprodano 95,00
Single Man 1 Night - Early Bird Discount Pojedinac Dostupnost Rasprodano 95,00
Single Woman 1 Night - Early Bird Discount Pojedinka Dostupnost Rasprodano 47,50
Couple Weekend - Early Bird Discount Razno Dostupnost Rasprodano 160,00
Single Man Weekend - Early Bird Discount Pojedinac Dostupnost Rasprodano 160,00
Single Woman Weekend - Early Bird Discount Pojedinka Dostupnost Rasprodano 80,00
Couple 1 Night - Regular Razno Dostupnost Rasprodano 115,00
Single Man 1 Night - Regular Pojedinac Dostupnost Rasprodano 115,00
Single Woman 1 Night - Regular Pojedinka Dostupnost Rasprodano 57,50
Couple Weekend - Regular Razno Dostupnost Rasprodano 220,00
Single Man Weekend - Regular Pojedinac Dostupnost Rasprodano 220,00
Single Woman Weekend - Regular Pojedinka Dostupnost Rasprodano 110,00
Full Dinner Buffet - per person, applicable to party participants only Dostupnost 10 19,00
Couple 1 Night - Premium Par Dostupnost Rasprodano 99,00
Couple Weekend - Premium Par Dostupnost Rasprodano 169,00
Single Man Weekend - Premium Pojedinac Dostupnost Rasprodano 169,00
Single Woman Weekend - Premium Pojedinka Dostupnost Rasprodano 89,00
Couple 1 Night Friday - Regular Par Dostupnost Rasprodano 115,00