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srijeda 9 siječnja 2019

On this day, exactly 5 years ago, we opened our "xnudists" profile on SpicyMatch. And we feel like sharing our SpicyMatch experience with the world.

When we first noticed SpicyMatch, we said to ourselves - now that's a proper swingers' website. So we thought that it would be nice to bring this site to Slovenian swingers, because the existing sites are complete rubbish and owners of those do not have any kind of intention of making it any better... and this is where it all started for us...

It's funny how things in life change. At first we did not even consider ourselves as this stereotype orgy fucking swingers, we were just exploring the lifestyle to see if there's anything that would fit us..... come to think of it, we had no idea what-so-ever what the f**k we wanted. We still remember the first time we went to a swingers' party in Le Moulin in Soave and people were asking us things like, are you full swap, soft swap, bisex etc and we were like, no idea for the time being, hope you understand. We just knew we want to meet and hang out with open-minded people. So as time was passing we were meeting one couple or single after another, started attending parties, and later on we even started traveling for the lifestyle and 5 years later - BOOM - our life completely changed...

Never would we have imagined 5 years ago that we will make so many new friends via SpicyMatch, and to think that many of them would become our best friends for life. Never would have we imagined, that we would know Cap d'Agde like the back of our hand and feel like at our summer home there - in fact - five years ago, we were asking ourselves - do you think we'll ever see Cap d'Agde?

Nowadays, wherever we travel, we always meet with familiar open-minded faces, whether this is at SpicyIbiza, Cap d'Agde or just one of the parties in a club like Coronita or if we just go to Valalta to catch some sun for example... We have friends now from countries like Finland, Norway, UK, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Italy, Malta, Spain, France, Croatia.... the list is quite long. For us parking the car in Cap d'Agde at 1 AM in the morning after 12 hours drive from Slovenia and bumping into our Norwegian and Italian friends ready to party has become something like - just another day in our life. When we fly to places Ibiza for example, some friends are already on the same flight or we already meet in the one of the airport lounges...... and this is what we love. We feel like we are part of one big international family that is always happy to see us. Bloody hell, we even improved our foreign languages knowledge..... English, Italian, German, Spanish, French..... Todo está bien. And this is the reason why this post is written in English and not Slovenian - cause most of our friends would then need to google translate it and we all know that usually doesn't turn out well with Slovenian language.

The diversity of our spicy friends after 5 years is bigger than we could have ever imagined - and we love them all for who they are. Besides all of them being swingers, some are sports fanatics like we are, some like kinky stuff, some have really weird fetishes, some have specific swinging rules we will never understand, but this is all fine by us - we accept all our friends for who they are and we never judge - and funny enough, even our occasional weird and kinky ideas surprise us.

We are also very happy, that the swinger lifestyle scene has improved very much in the past 5 years in Slovenia. 10 years ago, finding and meeting a proper couple in Slovenia was a nightmare and one encountered many disappointments. Nowadays, if you want to swing, you just open SpicyMatch either on your phone or PC, use a speed date or any of other features and boom - you have a date. And not just any date. A date with a real, nice sexy and validated couple that meets your expectations and desires - which is for us very important.

5 years later, we feel at home at SpicyMatch. That's because this is the place where many of our best friends are. And we are looking forward of meeting more and more interesting people to fill our lives. Sometimes we like to say - we don't travel for the place, we travel for the people. Good people, spicy people. And that's what it's all about for us.

We hope you feel at home at SpicyMatch too...after all it is THE place for swingers.

Happy swinging everyone :*

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We can say exactly the same ourselves...... Viva SpicyMatch 😜 now where's the Rose?

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Just ordered it! ?